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Topic: Things to remember while breasfeeding your baby

March 31,2016

The baby needs exclusive breastfeeding for the fist six months. For this, the mother must be careful that the baby gets breastfeed properly. This becomes easy if you take care about a few things. 1. Make sure you are in a quiet, peaceful private place to breastfeed your baby. 2. Make sure that both you and your baby are in a comfortable position because breastfeeding takes time. 3. Make sure that the baby has a good latch on your breast. The baby should have a good part of your breast in its mouth and not just your nipple. 4. Take care that the baby's nose isn't pressed against your breast so that he/she can breathe easily. 5. Alternate breasts each time you feed your baby. 6.Try different positions to find out the best position for both you and your baby. 7. Don't rush the baby. The baby has to work hard to get the milk. So sometimes the baby will want to take breaks. And finally when full, he/she will let go off your breast. 8. Be sure to burp the baby after each feed.




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