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Topic: New Baby Skin care

March 31,2016

The skin of new baby is very delicate and sensitive. For this reason, care should be taken of your baby's skin. You should wait at least three days before giving the baby's first bath. The baby doesn't need baths every day like grown ups. Two or three sponge baths is enough during the early months is enough for the baby. Bathing the baby too frequently removes the natural oils from its skin and actually does more harm than good. But always take care of cleansing the baby when changing diapers. This is important to prevent nappy rash. Using lotions, oils or powders is also not very necessary. This would make the baby more uncomfortable especially on hot days. Use cotton clothes and blankets or sheets. Wash the baby's clothes regularly and separately. Don't rush to shave the baby's head either before he/she is a few months old.




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