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About Dnet

Dnet is a Social Enterprise, established in January 2001 to promote ‘access to nformation and knowledge’ for all citizens though interactive digital media in achieving constitutional, national and international developmental objectives.

Vision: A society, where information and knowledge facilitates participation of all stakeholders for generation of wealth and its equitable distribution for poverty alleviation.

Mission: Promoting innovations for building ICT based models that contribute towards alleviating poverty, improving well-being and building peace.

Dnet’s core principles are coined as “Open Access” principles, which is an acronym. Open Access elaborates as follows:

  • Openness as founding principle and distinguishes it from ‘free’
  • Accountability to citizens in general and to the communities of interface in particular
  • Collaboration with government, business and social development organizations
  • Community Participation that ensures focus on people’s need and ethos
  • Education meaning appropriation of learning for change within institution
  • Social Inclusion, a key value that all programs embrace at all levels
  • Social enterprise, a highly desired but not an essential outcome of all programs.

Dnet works in four key areas through innovations for improving access to information and knowledge:

  • Inclusive Healthcare
  • Innovations in Education
  • Lift in Livelihood
  • Social Accountability.

Dnet won many international and regional awards for its innovative interventions. Total staff size of Dnet, 70 to 100. Annual budget of Dnet is around USD 1 million, which varies year to year.

To know details about Dnet. Please visit this link.

Dnet is registered (Reg.No. S-2601(14)/2000) under the Societies Act XXI of 1860 with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms. It is also registered with NGO Affairs Bureau (Reg. 1918, dated 07th April, 2004, renewed on April 07, 2009) for receiving foreign donations and grants. TIN: 142-400-9468; VAT Registration No. 9111066515.